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Forever Absorbent C Review

Vitamin C, a vital nutrient needs by our body. And Daily vitamin C has long been associated with good health.

Since our body was unable to provide Vitamin C by its self. Therefore it is necessary that we had to find vitamin C from external sources, most common fruits that everyone know with high vitamin C is citrus fruits like oranges, berries and lemons. But are you able to bring a many of this fruits with you everyday wherever you go?

With Forever Absorbent C, You are able to absorb sufficient vitamin C daily without bringing many fruits wherever you go.

Forever Absorbent C with Oat Bran is an outstanding nutritional supplement. It combines two vital nutrients into one convenient product. The bonded matrix composition, is a unique delivery system combining 500 mg of oat bran with the full 60 mg of Vitamin C in each tablet. A daily intake of Forever Absorbent-C is highly recommended for good health.

So, Just continue to read this Forever Absorbent C Review and discover what is special compare to other. You will definitely love it after this.!

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Product Specification

Product NameForever Living absorbent C
BrandForever Living
Items Weight100 Tablets
Key Ingredients

Oat Bran
Vitamin C
Papaya Powder

AvailabilityIn Stock
Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5/5

Forever Absorbent C Key Ingredients

Forever Absorbent C is an outstanding nutritional supplement. It uses the formula that allows you to keep the vitamin C in your body a longer period. Slowly release and allow your body to absorb it at the maximum.

1) Natural Oat Bran

Oat Bran helps support immune functions and assist in your body’s absorption of vitamin C. With the combination of Natural Oat Bran, you will be able to keep vitamin C in your body longer period because when your stomach digesting the oat bran, it will slowly release vitamin C to your body and your body will absorb it easily and at maximum.

2) Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

Forever Living Absorbent C combine Vitamin C with Honey too. With the Natural Orange flavor, Citrus bioflavonoids and papaya fruits poweder. All this combination boost with maximum of Vitamin C with natural sweetness, mingling perfectly with the vibrant orange flavor.

Forever Absorbent C Benefits

There are numerous benefits of forever absorbent C. I had list down the top 10 benefits below :

  • Helps form and maintain bones & skin condition
  • Powerful Anti-oxidants
  • Promote healthy immune functions
  • Maintain healthy blood vessel
  • Maintain healthy Gums and teeth
  • Slow down aging process
  • Improve circulation
  • Dissolves Blood Clots
  • Fight Bacterial + Viral Infection
  • Get the daily value of vitamin C easily
Forever Absorbent C Benefits

The Advantage of Using Forever Absorbent C

The unique part of forever absorbent C compares to what you can get in the market.

1. Each tablet of Vitamins C only consists of 60 mg  – according to research, the RDA for vitamin C for adults is 120mg adays. High dosage of vitamin cause extra burden to your kidney. Fortunately, Forever Absorbent C has done the research and come out with the product with sufficient dosage to consume.

2. No Coloring & Flavoring – It uses natural ingredients like papaya, oranges ascorbic acid with honey flavor. 

3. Easy dissolves & Maximum absorption – as mention above, it combines with bran oat to help to store vitamin C in your body longer to allow maximum absorption to your body.

4. Vegetarian Friendly – Fully fruits and vegetable, therefore is suitable for vegetarian. 

5. Forever Absorbent C Price – Affordable and reasonable price. 

How to Use Forever Absorbent C?

Recommended dosage:For adults – 1 tablet 3 times a dayFor kids (12 y/o and below) – 1 tablet a day.


Our body is unable to produce vitamin C on its own. Therefore, We need sources from outside, especially from fruits and vegetables. And because it is water soluble vitamin, it is easy to absorb and at the same time easy to lose.

In our current lifestyle, is quite impossible for you to consume enough vitamins C from vegetable or fruits every 3-4 hours. Which lead to we need external source supplement of vitamin C.

Forever Absorbent C with its ultimate formula provide what our body needs and able to keep the vitamin C in our body for longer period.

Vitamin C is kind of important to our body that we should not ignore and forever absorbent C covered everything you need in your daily lifestyle.

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